About North West Housing Partnership

North West Housing Partnership Mission

Through a fiscally responsible and multi-faceted approach, North West Housing Partnership (NWHP) promotes public and private partnerships that create and preserve cost-effective quality diverse housing for low to moderate-income residents and workers through housing development and renovation, education, and advocacy.

North West Housing Partnership Vision

North West Housing Partnership is the recognized leader and trusted partner in lifting up new and older neighborhoods by providing safe, high-quality housing choices to responsible low to moderate-income households by finding housing near transportation, employment, schools, and health care.

About North West Housing Partnership

North West Housing Partnership

NWHP has a variety of programs and services that are available to those in and around the West and Northwest suburbs of Chicago. In addition, NWHP collaborates with partners on affordable multi-family rental developments throughout the Chicagoland area.

North West Housing Partnership was incorporated in 1990 as a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and implementing programs that promote economically diverse housing. These programs include education and counseling as well as the construction of new housing and rehabilitation of existing housing. Homeownership is a priority as well as maintaining and increasing the supply of rental housing attainable to populations with limited income.

The purpose of the North West Housing Partnership is to act as a catalyst to bring together the public and private resources necessary to implement a community’s housing vision and to create balanced housing opportunities. The Director and staff of the NWHP understand the importance of all populations having access to affordable and sanitary housing. A family cannot be stabilized without access to appropriate housing; a neighborhood/community cannot be viable with an economically diverse housing market that supports and affirms the citizens that live and work in the community.

NWHP looks forward to continuing to initiate regional housing programs and models that will maximize the resources available for such efforts. These efforts include building strong partnerships with agencies and institutions administering the resources. These partnerships include municipalities, government agencies on the local, state, and national level, financial institutions as varied in size as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to local banks and credit unions. However, our most important partners are the residents that need and benefit from the programs that the NWHP implements. NWHP believes these programs will contribute to healthy communities that are economically viable and support and maximize the talents and resources of their residents.

Diverse housing continues to be a critical regional need. With the expertise and experience of our Board of Directors and Staff, NWHP is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing awareness of housing needs and capitalize on such needs in a manner that will generate a long time benefit to communities. Dedicated to a realistic housing vision and tools and talent that implement the vision are important pieces to the successful solution of the housing needs in today’s communities. NWHP looks forward with enthusiasm to being a critical entity available to those bodies seeking to create healthy communities that include a choice of housing options.

Since its inception over 30 years ago,  NWHP has been successful in completing a number of important programs that have, and will continue to, support the development, maintenance, and availability of affordable housing. View some of North West Housing Partnership’s current programs.


North West Housing Partnership (NWHP) is a HUD-approved Housing Counseling agency.